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Iselin Section Of Woodbridge Township, N.J. Click for Woodbridge, New Jersey Forecast

- Zip Code - 08830

- Statistics & Facts

- The population of Iselin is approximately 16141.

- The approximate number of families is 5994.

- The amount of land area in Iselin is 8.04 sq. kilometers.

- The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers:.

- The distance from Iselin to Washington DC is 187 statute miles. The distance to the New Jersey state capital is 33 statute miles. (Statute miles are "as the crow flies")

- Iselin is positioned 40.57 degrees north of the equator and 74.31 degrees west of the prime meridian.   

The Iselin Section of Woodbridge Township Is one of the largest sections of Woodbride Township. Iselin   is considered a large metropolitian   area.   with   one of the largest   transit   stops in the state of new jersey, and several   multi - story office buildings   that   are the headquarters for   numberous corporations.     prudential insurance company,       ronson corposation,   as well as 2 large hotels - the woodbridge   hilton hotel, and   the   sheraton hotel.   metro park   is a large station for new jersey transit.   trains, and buses carry millions of commuters annually, as well   as   amtrak commuter rail road, which is a nation - wide commuter railway system. iselin has 2 major highways     running through it , & also the garden state parkway.   us route # 1 runs from green street to ford avenue. state   route # 27 runs from   new dover road to green   street.          

iselin   is   on the   western side of woodbridge township,   and it borders woodbridge township   and edison township.   iselin also has one of the largest county parks. merril park   runs from new dover   road to   green street.  

iselin has 1 high school,   1 middle school and   3 elementry schools.   john   f.   kenedy   memorial high school is on   washington avenue.     iselin   middle school   is on   woodruff avenue.   school # 18   is on indiana avenue,   kenedy   park school # 24 is on goodrich street.   robert   mascenik   school # 26 is on benjamin   avenue.

iselin is divided into 2 parts. east iselin & west iselin. east iselin is protected by the district # 9 volunteer fire department. west iselin begins where green street turns into oak tree road, all of route #27, and cnew dover road by chain o hills road. west iselin is protected by the district # 11 iselin volunteer fire department. all of iselin is protected by the iselin volunteer first aid squad.

early iselin had few people living in that section of woodbridge township. in the early days the people who settled more than likely arrived by boat, or oar propelled barges over the rapidly flowing stream, succor"s brook, which was a part of the south branch of the raritan river. the word succor, which is iselin"s oldest landmark has a few different posible origion. older people who have lived in iselin claim that succor stands for sucker, "a north american toothless fish." the word succor actually means something that helps, or assists someone, or something in times of need. there was once an old poor farm that was located where eastern airlines, and englhardt industries. this farm was identified as the free school lands. the free school lands housed, and cared for older people, sick people, poor people, etc. adrian iselin was a wealthy stockbrocker from 1440 broadway, new york city, new york, that owned the a iselin and company incorporated. in the latter half of the nineteenth century iselin & his company purchased a large area of land where bloomfield avenue is, which was in the area that was known as uniontown (named from union soldiers that camped in this area.) adrian iselin and his associates established a seminary school for young ladies from new york city. adrian iselin tried to promote his school by creating a new, prestigious train station along the pennsylvania railroad. (which brought more residents, and also led to businesses being started) the iselin school lasted many years, however it was destroyed by a fire that hurt a few people but fortunatelly no one died. the school was never rebuilt. the first store came into iselin in 1918, and operated out of the mastrangelo home on chain o hills road. until this store opened people were forced to go to rahway, metuchen, or other sections of woodbridge township.

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