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Pete' s Deli & Catering Service

123 Wood Avenue
Main Township, N.J. 01010
phone - (123) 456 - 7890 fax - (098) 765 - 4321

Since 1999 Pete' s Delicatesant And Catering Has Been Providing The Whole Township With The Finest Soups & Sandwiches For Lunch. The Freshest Breakfast Meals And The Best Prices Dinner Deals. Our Cateered Platters Also Recieve Rave Reviews.

It All Began In 1998 When Pete's Father Pete Sr. Opened Up Big Pete's Sub Shop Across Town. Big Pete's Sub Shop Was So Overwelmed With Business, That The Family Had To Open Up A Second Location !!! That Location Became Known As Pete' s Deli & Catering.

The Family Has Been In The Catering Business Since 195O, When Pete Sr. Established The Great Catering Service, That He Still Operates On A Part - Time Basis With His Son Pete Jr.

The Great Catering Service, Along With Pete' s Deli & Catering Serves The Whole Township For All Kinds Of Parties And Other Functions.