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WEEKELLY UPDATE - O9/15/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-

- the main event for unforgiven will either be kane vs. triple h, or a multiple - man match.,-

- now that vince mcmahon is back as a face (good guy) shane turned into a face, is triple h going to be the only heel (bad guy) to feud with stone cold steve austin.,-

- at wcw fall brawl rey misterio jr bruised his knee, goldberg hurt his back.

- to save money wcw is not going to fly in the whole talent to shows.,-

- macho man randy savage who has been having problems with wcw over the direction of his career will likely be released.,-

- the kiss demon angle was scrapped, so was the wcw / kiss new years eve special.,-

WEEKELLY UPDATE - O9/08/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-


- longtime wcw referree brian hilderbrand - mark curtis has just died after having a long battle with stomach cancer.,-

WEEKELLY UPDATE - O8/31/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-

- it is unknown when stone cold steve austin will be able to return to the ring, if he does need surgery, then he can be out of action for up to 1 year.,-

- the blonde bytch project with the blue meanie, and stevie richards is supposed to be a skit of rena mero (sable).,-

- ernest miller may do a program with hulk hogan.,-

- the public enemy and billy kidman have given their notices to wcw, they are all likelly to go to ecw.,-

ratings news - due to wwf raw is war being shown this week frm 11: OO P.M. - 1 :OO A.M. scores were not head - to - head - but as usual raw beat nitro - raw - 4.4 - wcw - nitro - 4.O - ecw on tnn friday night scored O. 9, which was great for tnn, and ecw .,-

WEEKELLY UPDATE - O8/22/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-

-the biggest story is the meeting after wcw monday nitro between eric bishoff, and wcw superstars - raven, kidman, buff bagwell, the public enemy, konnan, rey misterio jr. raven (scott levy) kidman, konnan, and rey. jr. are all asking hier release.,- bshoff is tired of hearing complaints from cw workrs.

- ratings- wwf monday night raw is war once again defeated wcw monday nitro.,- ratings composite scores - raw - 5.7 - nitro 2.8

- - bret hart recently came back to action in wcw action by appearing at 2 house shows challenging, and facing hollywood hulk hogan.,-

WEEKELLY UPDATE - O8/11/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-

- after kevin nash"s unexpected loss to hollywood hulk hogan last night at road wild, and his "retirement" nash is expected to come back o wcw as an "outsider" again, with scott hall

- raven - scotty levy was on manw"s morning radio show in chicago.,- he was tired to begin with, but he was outspoken with wcw, and then he would like toreturn to ecw in 1O months, next june his wcw contract expires.,-

- last monday, when chris jericho debut on wwf raw is war several of his wcw friends about 1O or more of them were watching in the wcw production truck.,-

- ric flair may be done with wcw.,-

it is reported that ric flair, and wcw have wked out an agreement where ric flair would leave early.,- flair has been in japan for the past few w eeks with his younger son reid, at a wrestling tournament.,- ric flair has been told by his doctors that he has arthritis is in his back, and neck(probablly due to his physical wrestling career, and a plane accident that he was in in 1972) wcw has asked flair to put over shane douglas, h also happens to be his enemy, so flair no - showed last monday nitro.,-

- the british bulldog davey boy smith has just resigned a contract with the world wrestling federation wwf.,- he taped several interviews with his wife diana, and jim ross, that will air on raw.,- the bulldog is expected to get a huge push, as he is supposed to "win the title for his brother - in - law - owen hart, who just was tragically killed a few months ago in the ring iccident"

- we have last seen davey boy smith last november when he was released from wcw.,- he was released from wcw because he hurt his back that resulted in a near carrer ending, injury ouuld have resulted in partially not able to walk,a wcw ring, as he tripped on the ultimate warriors trap door.,-

- ratings news wwf raw - 6.4 - wcw nitro 3.O

- at the wwf raw tapimgs tonight - jericho defeated d-lo brown to become the new european champion, in his very first wwf match.,- - the dudley boyz made their way in the wwf, as they beat up chsaz, and supply and deliver (a tag team) and thn they did an interview shooting on the ecw, and then claiming that they would change the wwf tag team division.,- - stevie richards debut, as he interfeared with the al snow vs blue meanie match.,- - mankind made his return.,-

WEEKELLY UPDATE - O8/O2/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-


- chris jehrico has reportedlly said that he does own the name JERHICHO, and he said that the milleneum countdown is reguarding him.,-

- i do believe that he will fit in somehow in the milleneum countdown.,- it may also involve steve richards, who is probablly going to sign with the wwf

reportedlley the madusa vs mona (miss madness) match at wcw road wild has been scraped.,-

- A new scheduled match for wwf summerslam is shane mcmahn vs test.,-

- DOA, have been released from the wwf,

- the biggest news of this week is the wwf officially offering stock to the public, by filing to the federal trade commission, or FTC.,-

- vince mcmahon, chairman of the world wrestling federation has said that wwf stock will be offered on NASDAQ, under the name WWFE, which also stands for WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT INCORPORATED, which was shown on the screen at the end of this last weeK"s raw is war, where usually TITAN SPORTS INCOPORATED IS SHOWN.,- there has been alot of talk about this latelly - this morning on THE DON IMUS RADIO SHOW, rob bartlett, who actually worked for the wwf from 1992 - 1993 as a broadcaster on monday night raw until wrestlemania - 9, IX did a horrible impersonation of hollywood hulk hogan, making fun of the wwf.,- on upn channel 9 news there was a special reort - interviewed were a stock analyst specialist from a financial magazine, who said that "the hottest things nowadays are stocks, and proffessional wrestling." so buying some sghares would be good.,- someone from ESPN said that "the only one that will profit, or make any money, will be the wwf" so he recommended not to buy the wwf stock.,- it is funny because the same company that owns ESPN, also owns ABC, which airs monday night football, that also competes with the ww in the ratings.,-

- the reason that the public enemy flyboy rocco rock, and johnny grunge have not been on wcw television is that they are going to teamed with hardcore hak (sandman), who is currentlly injured do to the junkyard match, to form a group.,-

- last saturday, may have been the dudley boyz "s last appearence in ecw.,- ECW was back in the ecw arena, in philadelphia, pennsylvania were they did several shoot interviews, they even almost started a riot, as they challenged e fans by entering the crowds.,- they even had an argument with paul e. heyman as he sat in the upper balconny.,- the back - and - forth fight lasted for over a half of an hour.,- there has been a rumour that paul e. heyman was forced to release the dudley"s from thier contracts from TNN.,-

- RATINGS NEWS - wwf monday night raw is war once again defeated wcw monday nitro in the ratings.,-

- raw had a composite ratings score of 5.9, while wcw monday nitro scored 3.2 composite ratings score.,- head - to - head - scores were - wwf raw 5.9 - to wcw nitro - 2.8, which means that even if nitro"s ratings were doubled, then wwf raw will still have beaten them .,-

WEEKELLY UPDATE - O7/26/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-

- there hae been many internet rumours about the dudley boyz - buh - buh - ray, and devon possiblly leaving ecw to the wwf, there have even been reports that the dudleys were at titan towers th this week.,- this will be a HUGE LOSS TO ECW, AS THE DUDLEYS, ESPECIALLY BUH - BUH - RAY IS PROBABLLY THE MOST OVER HEELS IN PROFFESSIONAL WRESTLING, SECONDED ONLY TO PROBABLLY THE MCMAHONS, AND OVER THAN ANY OTHER HEEL IN WCW, THE DUDLEYS ARE SOME OF THE BEST WORKERS TOO.,- thre was also some talk on the wcw hotline that rob van damme may also jump ship from ecw - to - wcw.,- the last time when van damme was in a bigger promotion, the wwf in 1997, he did not last, due to his arrogance, and ego that he showed to vince mcmahon.,-

- there was a second press conference with the owen hart accidental death.,- it was anounced that there will BE NO CRIMINAL CHARGES FILED.,-

- mick foley (mankind, dude love, cactus jack) has returned to action in the wwf, as he just competed in a match at a house show in baltimore, maryland.,-

- mankind replaced stone cold steve austin (who recentlly injured his knee) in a 6 - man tag - team match as he teamed with x - pac, kane, to face triple h, chyna, and the undertaker.,-

- there has been alot of talk in wcw that they may do away with hardcore matches, due to the recent injuries with fit finlay, and several others in the junk yard match.,-

- my opinion is that at WWF SUMMERSLAM, jesse the body ventura will wind up screwing stone cold steve austin.,-

- austin will probably hit the stunner on triple H, ventura will probablly count to 2, and then give austin the finger.,-

- it will wind up that ventura was paid by vince, and jesse "the body" was always a bad or something like that".,-

- the person that was in the crowd that attacked the godfather was vic grimes.,-

- vic grimes is described as a wwf prospect that was currentlly competing in power pro wrestling organization.,- grimes is also refered to as "the man who brought hardcore wrestling to the west coast"

- vic grimes is also described as a mick foley - lacter.

- thhave been many internet reports that vic grimes will play a "priest like character, that is out to rid the wwf of of all the unmoralistic people" like the godfather, grimes may also have trish stratus as a valet.,-

- during next week"s raw, at the tapings on tuesday, d - lo brown won the intercontinental championship from jeff jarret, as jarret challenged d - lo for a belt - for - belt match for d - lo saving ben rom being attacked from jeff jarrett.,-

- ratings news for this past monday - wwf monday night raw is war scored another record breaking victory over wcw monday nitro.,-

- raw scored a 7.2 ratings composite, while nitro only scored 3.2. head - to - head scores were 7.1 - 3.1 .,- over a 4 - point victory was scored, which is actually higher than nitro"s actual score..,-

- when wwf smackdown airs wwf will pick up even more fans, & popularity.,-

- would you believe it that there are more people that do not have cable, television, then there are people that do have cable television.

- the wcw monday nitro girls were not on monday nitro this past monday because they were doing a ppv taping or a bikini special.,-

- wcw superstar, and haardcore champion fit finlay under went surgery to repair his injuries that he recentlly recieved during a wcw house show last week.,-

- finlay cut his leg while being thrown through a table.,- he lacerated his nerves as a result.,- he should be out of action for a minnimum of 6 - 8 mmonths.,-

- what will vince mcmahon do now, maybe rest his back.,-

- was it me, or was kevin nash"s "tap chairshot" the worst poorest excuse for a chairshot that i have ever seen, while austin"s chairshot on shane mcmahon last night at fully loaded was brutal.,-

- was it the blue meanie in white that became involved in the street fight tonight on raw.,-

- word is, is that tammy lynn sytch and chris candido are expecting a baby.,- apparentlly chris was in wildwood, n.j, and he reportedlly said that "tammy was a little sick because she has a little candido in her stomach" probablly refereing to a baby.,-

- jim ross JR, of has denied any reprts of candido and sytch having a meeting about a possible return with the wwf, but then he said that nothing is going to be ruled out into the future,- tammy has been supportedd of the wwf during " sable"s frivilouslawsuit".,- (on a side note, i cannot wait to talk to some of chris candido"s aunts, because my family is related to his family)

- speaking of sable - or rena mero, has settled her frivilous lawsuit with the wwf, and reportedlly she was the one that suffered th worse - reportedlly - she cannot enter a wrestling promotion for at least another 5 - years, she cannot use the name sable, her second shooting of playboy magazine, which is going to be out in august will have the name sable, but a big portion will go to the wwf.,-

- debra was on aol chat, were she basically discussed how she got into wrestling, she also talked about the current "puppies craze" she seemed nice & happy she said that she would love to do a playboy spread if the money was right.,-

WEEKELLY UPDATE - O7/2O/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-

- wwf fully loaded was probablly one of the best ppvs of the year - the only bad match that i would say kind of sucked was mideon vs dlo brown - european championship title match.,-

- macho man randy savage has gotten into a lot of trouble with wcw executive management as of late. the lattest incident occurred when savage used some vulgar language (cursing) on the last monday nitro.

- kevin nash is planning on selling his house in pheonix arizona to florida, to be closer to wcw in atlanta, ga.

- nash is planning on having a less busy schedule of wrestling to concentrate on being wcw"s head booker.,-

- reported from last monday nitro - backstage - there was a confrontation between noneother than ric flair & shane douglas. flair said "look we should get along together, for the sake of the business - wcw" the 2 reportedlly shook hands.,- `

- RATINGS NEWS.,- wwf monday night raw is war once again defeated & dominated wcw monday nitro.,- wwf raw scored a composite viewer rating of 6.3, while wcw monday itro only scored a composite viewer rating of 3.3,.- head to - head scores were raw 6.3 - nitro 3.2 - wwf once again doubled the ratings gap as it doubled nitro"s rating.,-

- wwf raw put on an excellent show, as usual, as wcw monday nitro screwed up again as usual.,- everything that wwf does comes out good the rock is just about as hot with his popularity and carrer as he ever was , just i do not like that he did the job to bad ass billy gunn last night, he also cleanlly jobbed to the undertaker at the king of the ring.,- and i cannot see him defeat triple h at fully loaded, because triple h is going to face the world champion at summerslam.,- i do not know what is going on between vince & the undertaker. we may see a break up between the undertaker & "the greater power" and a reunion between the undertaker and kane. there are those that say that the undertaker is physically tired, i think that he should take a rest soon. the undertaker is probablly the best worker in the wwf and any other wrestling promotion.,- while kane is the most spectacular wrestling worker that is out there with his size, strength, agility, and technical skills.,- i do like the idea of keeping DX alive by having the 2 factions (triple h, chyna, billy gunn VS x - pac and road dogg jesse james) can we see a feud between jeff jarret and steve austin.,- jarret will probablly face and be defeated by x - pac (sean waltman at summerslam 99 after that i wouldn"t be surprised if jjarret becomes involved in the main event at summerslam.,-

- my honest opinion is that BILL GOLDBERG"S.,- SUCKS - I MEAN IS IT ME, OR DOES IT SOUND EXACTLLY LIKE THE OLD BODDYDONNAS FROM THE WWF.,- SKIP, ZIP AND SUNNY (chris candido, tom prichard, and tammy lynn sytch) if robert wuhl does his ARLI$$ act for a gimmick on nitro, it will only help his career with hbo, while he will look like an ass on wcw.,- i don"t really know what the fuss is over the insane clown posse (ICP) - i hated when they were in the wwf, they are nothing but the biggest bunch of unproffessional, immature jackasses that i have ever seen.,- if dennis rodman is quit baketball to join wcw, then he is in trouble, simplly because he will never be in the position that he was in wcw like he was for the last 2 years.,- i do like the nash vs hogan angle for road wild.,-

- in my opinion, i believe that jesse ventura will wind up causing austin the belt, and give it to triple h - once a bad guy, always a bad guy.,-

- several wwf workers have been angered by hulk hogan, because of comments that hogan made on larry king live a few weeks ago, as he said that "he will never work for the wwf ever again", but during owen hart"s funeral he was telling several people that he would like to return to the wwf.,-

_ shane douglas will be on wcw live tonight (O7/2O/99.,-

WEEKELLY UPDATE - O7/12/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-

- tonight"s ecw heatwave 99" on pay - per - view is going to be weak.,- there really isn"t going to be a world title main event match scheduled .,- this isn"t too good for ecw especially if in 3 weeks from now will be the most important date in ecw history, as ecw is going to be on national cable tv TNN THE NASHVILLE NETWORK.,-

- nicole bass & ryan shamrock have been released froom their wwf contracts.,-

- terri runnels has renewed her wwf contract.,-

- jim ross of wwf .com ross report made a statement that "in the milleneum WWF.COM the world wrestling federation"s official web site will become the world's most popular visited web sites on the internet.,-

- longtime rock band KISS is supposed to make an appearence soon in WCW probablly monday nitro.,- the plans are to have kiss introduce a wrestler with lead singer GENE SIMMON"S KISS FACE PAINT.,-

- this superstar is reported to be a recent graduate from the wcw power plant wrestling school.,- he is suppossed to get a HUGE PUSH.,- to me, he will be a ripoff of STING.,-

- the world wrestling federation has dominated video sales as the wwf is # 1.,-

- wwf suprstar goldust (dustin reynolds, runnels) is reportedlly done working with the wwf, his back has been injured, but nothing futer on his current status with the wwf.,-

-wcw ric flair and suppossed "wcw president" ric flair is headed to japan so that his son ree will compete in amature wrestling. flair will also rest his back.,-

- ric flair "s back is doing alot better, as a few weeks ago he was contemplating (thinking) of reiring, but he is feeling good, as he took on dean malenko this last monday, and this coming up monday on nitro he will wrestle sting.,-



- in ratings news this week - this is the first week in about 2, or 3 weeks that ratings were available on tuesday, like normal

- now onto the ratings - wwf monday night raw is war once again domininated wcw monday nitro.,- raw scored a 6. O, ratings composite while nitro scored only a 3.4 ratings composite.,-

- wcw did close the halfway gap, but this score was still bad especially considering one of their biggest ppv"s, a title change the night before, and the return of hollywood hulk hogan.,-



- why would the wwf seperate & break - up the brood with gangrel turning on edge & christian.,-

- this week (july2O, 1999) issue of globe magazine had a special on the childhood of wwf, and wcw superstars - .,- ric flair, stone cold steve austin, and chyna were included.,-

- wcw with a hardcore championship title? fit finlay as the wcw hardcore champion nonetheless? .,-

no shane douglas, but the public enemy that i said was going to be there was there.,-

- wcw bash at the beach - macho man randy savage is the new wcw world heavywieght champion.,-

- there hawsn"t been too much news in the wwf as of late except for the signing of chris jericho, and vince mcmahon"s motorcycle accident.,-

- vince is said to be dooing goo right now, except for an aching tailbone (lower back) - vince did show up at work the next day.,- in titan tower.,-

WEEKELLY UPDATE - O7/O7/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-

- First Off I Want To Wish All Of The Pro Wrestling Fans, Especially The Americans A Happy 4TH Of July Independence Day.,-

- is it me, or was it raven, who was dressed up like sting monday night.? this may not be possible because currentlly raven is out of action due to a torn acl, and he just underwenrt liposuction, that did not go so smoothlly.,-

- mankind (mick foley) may return to action in the wwf at wwf fully loaded ppv to be in a triple threat match that may involve triple h, and the rock.,-

- bret hart has either 2 options - 1 he can just simply retire.,-hang up the tights, & leave wcw, and the whole wrestling world on bad terms, without ever winning the wcw world title, or achieving any real success in wcw.,-

- bret"s 2nd option is to stay in the sport & stick around in wcw. if bret does this i don"t think that he will have too much of a regime, but he will definatelly be a face, and he will become the wcw champion.,-

- if bret does retire, then i would like to see him retire as a world champion.,- just like bret said "it would just plain suck to retire at this point in life"

- ratings were once again delayed this week , this time due to the 4th of july holiday.

- nothing new just the fact that wwf monday night raw is war once again won the ratings with a 5. 95 composite in the ratings, while wcw monday nitro only scored a 3. 25 in the ratings.

- head - to - head ratings were 5.95 - 3.OO.,-

- whell just like i had reportd a few weeksago there would be a junkyard match at wcw bash at the beach ppv, that will involve hak (sandman), and the public enemy will make their wcw return.,- this hAS BEEEN SET UP BY HAK on last nitro, and even confirmed by


- it is good that wcw has finally found a good act. "rap is crap" is on country music stations all over the country.,-

- wcw has recentlly signed 21 potential wrestlers to "prospective creative" contracts.,-

- PAUL E. HEYMAN, OWNER OF EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING HAS FINALLY DECLARED THAT ECW WILL BEGIN IT "S TELEVISION SHOWS ON TNN THE NASHVILLE NETWORK FRIDAY NIGHTS.,-STARTING ON AUGUST, 27, AT 8; OO if paul e. can improve his business practices, learn how to manage ecw a little better, keep up & create some good angles, with his current talent, WATCH ECW TO BEAT WCW  NITRO IN THE RATINGS WAR.,-

- david flair the new wcw u.s. champion. ? i would rather see him be the wcw world champion, only to get his ass kicked by kevin nash again.,-

- vince mcmahon was recentlly involved in a serious motorcycle - motor vehicle accident.,- vince was driving through downtown greenwich conneticut, (his hometown) when a truck pulled out of a driveway and crashed into mcmahon, who o was driving is motorcycle.,- vince was supposedlly, reportedlly thrown about 3O feet from the crash.,-

vince was not hurt, the only injuries were just minor scrapes & cuts.,-

- wwf king of the ring was the highest rated king of the ring in wwf king of the ring history.,- money earnings, and viewer ratings as gates and merchandise came to about $8OOO, OOO, and ppv viewer buy rate was about 449, OOO multiplied by $39. 95 which is about $18, OOO, OOO.,-

WEEKELLY UPDATE - O6/28/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-


according to WWF.COM jericho has signed with the wwf for a number of years.,-

- don"t look for MASTER P, or the NO - LIMIT - SOLDIERS to be in WCW for too much longer.,-

- STEPHEN REAGEL should be arriving in WCW pretty soon.,-

- at this point chris candido are still under their ECW CONTRACTS, although they are seeking to return to the wwf.,- Candido cleared up a few things on his & tammy"s web site bout their infamous drug problem by saying that they were just hooked on pain killers.,-

- at the raw is war tapings tTHE UNDERTAKER CHALLENGED STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN at theWWF fully loaded ppv.,-




i appologize for not posting the ratings, or too much news..- the reason was that the ratings were postponed was because nielsen electronic media corporation had a computer failure..-

don"t worry bucause nothing new happened. WWF MONDAY NIGHT RAW IS WAR ONCE AGAIN DOMINATED WCW MONDAY NITRO IN THE RATINGS.,- RAW scored a 6.8 Composite, while NITRO only scored a 3.6 -

- one of the amazing things was that in the quarter -hour - ratings of raw the last segment scored a whopping 9. 5. that had to be the highest record.,- it was a title match between STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN & THE UNDERTAKERR, in which AUSTIN DEFEATED THE UNDER TAKER, & IS NOW THE 4 - TIME WWF WORLD CHAMPION.,- RAW DID A USUAL GOOD SHOW, WHILE WCW DID IT" S USUAL NOT - SO - GOOD SHOW.,-

- with the addition of WWF SMACKDOWN on thursdays WCW will suffer even Greater with te loss of thunder to SMACK DOWN.,-

- the woman from the stands that attacked ivory on raw was an independent worker - origuionally from North Carolina..-

- expect ivory to pick up SABLE"S HEEL GIMMICK.,-

- expect HUGE RATINGS for WWF RAW.,-


- at bash at te beach, or the ppv after that there will be a junk yard match where THE PUBLIC ENEMY will make their WCW TV DEBUT.,-


- sid & arn did not want to be involved with any angles together, but how come now sid & macho man randy savage (team madness) are now affiliated with ric flair (with arn anderson) you probablly noticed that arn was standing in the corner during the interview n nitro, totally ignoring what was going on, but did anyone see sid & arn anderson A.A.ak hands when it was over.,-

- i have to tell you that i like "rap is crap" song by hennig, windham, windham, & duncum. it is alot better thn master P."s junk.,-

- don"t expect master p to stay in the wcw for too long.,-

- wwf has a new website - HTTP://,-

- i am glad that the wwf is staring to push more midcarders.,-

- wwf king of the ring was a great show in my opinion.

- the kane vs big show paul wight was probablly the best "battle of big men" matches that i have seen in awile.,- i was surprised to see the rock loose so easy, but it was a set - up to a feud.,- i really have to compliment the mcmahon"s vince & shane, for a bunch of executives, vince 53 years old with a long history of neck, kidney, & liver ailments, and shane who is basically just a newcommer. vince & shane were taking alot of hard bumps last night. vince did get into a little argument with stone cold steve austin about being a little too rough being thrown into the ladders.,-

- the dangerous part about those ladders, is they are cheap & flimsy, and they can break apart into alot of sharp pieces, also stacked up the way that they were they are pretty heavy.,-

- also reported - vince & shawn michaels got into an argument were they resolve it themselves.,-

- Scott Stiener, Bam bam bigelow, and ric flair are the latest in wcw to suffer from back injuries.,-

- both stiener, and flair" s backs may require surgery, and can posiblly be carrer threatning/ ending (retirement)

- both stiener, & flair do have a long history of back, & neck injuries.,-

- dustin runnels (goldust) is also suffering from a back injury, that will cause him to stay out of action, for some time.,-

WEEKELLY UPDATE - O6/21/99 - note - this column is written on a weekley bassis, but it is updated several times daily, so click onto here often.,-

- according to jim ross "s wwf. com segment the new MEAN STREET POSSE MemBer will be called HEATER.,-

- another rumoured name for this individual is also "JOHNNY ABS"

- according to mark madden of wcw raven has quit wcw, but bob ryder, also of wcw claims that this is not true. although wcw has allowed raven (scott levy) to seek contract offers from other wrestling organizations.,-

- the wwf is going to have to make changes with this sunday"s king of the ring.,-

- shawn michaels is suppossed to make an influence in either one of the 2 main events, the heavey wieght title match, or the mcmahon"s vs austin match.,- shawn is supposed to be in attendance at the nba play offs, if there is a playoff game this sunday.,-


- interesting - richard belzer star of nbc "s homicide :life on the street, and future star of another show on NBC was on the Late Show WITH DAVID LETTERMAN last night -

the interesting thing was that belzer was talking about a talk show, that he once hosted on the lifetime channel, one of his guests were hulk hogan.

- belzer went to say that hogan was demonstrating a headlock, on him, and belzer lost conciousness, and he fell and hit his head, & recieved 9 stitches.

- he went on to say that he sued hogan, and now he has a house in france.,-

- hollywood hulk hogan was on larry king last night (wednesday O6/23/ 99)

- he talked about his career, how he got started, how he became big, and talked about the wwf, and when he entered the wcw, and turned into a bad guy (heel) they also talked about owen hart "s tragic recent death.,-

- if dennis rodman enters wcw, then he will most likely be a face.,-

- road dogg jesse james was on aol chat, the other night he took and answered questions from callers.,-


- whell every one was wondering . how long will it take for arn & sid to have an altercation, and to bring out thier old feud ? well last monday on nitro, while backstage sid made a comment reguarding how now the 4 horsemen were dead, and arn took exception after he heard it and the 2 began a shouting match, and had to be seperated by savage, and kevin nash.,-

- it looks like mosh (chazz warrington) is scrapping the beaver cleavage angle, and is going to reunite with trasher to be a team of EVIL CLOWNS.,- the origional plan was to have bruce prichard manage thrasher,

- SHANE DOUGLAS has said on his official web site that he is reviewing offers (7 - figures, 1, OOO, OOO) from both WWF, & WCW, and he is likely to sign and join the company, that is more proffessional, & courteous than the other.,-

- despite internet rumours, THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR is not going to australia to return to wrestle.,-

- SHANE DOUGLAS will enter wcw with THE PUBLIC ENEMY , a they will form an "ECW - TYPE OF FACTION" expect chris benoit, and dean malenko to join into to.,-

- RATINGS NEWS - wwf monday night raw is war once again won with a 6. 1 composite, while wcw monday nitro only scored a 3.1 composite in the ratings.,-

- raw had a great show with shawn michaels doing hus typical great "match making" skills.,-

- i thought that wcw monday nitro put on a terrible show.,- i mean the only real highlight was ther return of eddy guerrero, the sting vs sid match was a good build up, the kevin nash "accusing sting as being aligned with savage" was decent, but is starting to get a little old.,-

- the 3rd "mean Street Posse" member that attacked brisco & patterson is JASON NHROD a wwf prospect that just completed the wwf memphis power, under the name VENOM - pro farm leage.,-

- he may be "mean" willie green, as in the posse segments green was in dark.,-

- scott stiener is not happy with wcw, and may look to return to the wwf.,- stiener is currentlly out with a back injury, and when he recovers he may want to jump ship, even though he, & his brother rick are recieving a decent push, his attitude belongs and fits in with wwf.,-

- macho man randy savage reportedlly wants more women to be with his stable.,-

- hollywood hulk hogan "s knee surgery is taking more time to heal, than previouslly thought.,-

- bret hart may return to wcw soon, as he is supposed to be scheduled onto wcw live on this coming up july, 2, 1999.,-

- mark henry is on his way to a push.,-

- he currently wieghs a little above 4OO lbs, and he plans on loosing 4O LBS, which will place him between the 35O - 375 mark.,- he is very athletic, as he held the title "the worlds strongest man".,- henry also gets along with everyone back stage, he has personalitty, and can fit in with any real angle.,-

- expect "stone cold" steve austin to wn at the king of the ring against vince & shane mmahon in the addr match this sunday to "win full 1OO % ownership of the world wrestling federation".,-

- austin will then give out a large percentage of the stock to the public, as the world wrestling federation is really putting 2 O of it"s stock on the public market.,- austin will probably p give out a large part so vince & shane will "buy back"thier origional share.,- a

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