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Web Pages For Your Business Or Organization

By Mike H. Sesnowich

Are You Looking For A Web Site For Your Business Or Organization?
Would You Like To Have Your Business On The Internet? - web domain.

Price -

$ 24. 95 per year annual domain hosting.

$ 35. OO per year for domain registration.

set - up begins at $4O .OO per page.

You Get -
- your index (home) page
- contact page
- history/ about us page
- your choice of either a services that you provide page, or a products page.

Price Also Includes -

adding over 1,000 meta - tags to increase exposure to your web site.
price also includes submiting your web site to 20 of the most popular search engines on the internet including -

- Yahoo - Excite - Lycos - Infoseek - Alta Vista - All The Web - Hot Bot - Go To - MSN Internet Service - AOL NetFind - Infospace - Deja - Geocities - Looksmart - Google - Direct Hit - I Won - Ask - Web Crawler - Northern Light - Starting Point -

Policy Reguarding Changes, Or Modifications -
For Any Changes, Or Modifications That Are Done, You Will Be Charged A Fee Of $8.00 Per Hour.

Step - 1
look At The Layout Sample Page. See How You Would Like It.

Step - 2
After Looking At The Layout Sample Page, Determine If It Will Fit Your Needs. Click Onto The Starter Page Above And Choose What Utilities That You Want.

Step - 3
Once You Have Decided How You Want Your Web Page To Look, With The Color Modifications, And Any Graphics That You Want Send Me E - Mail, Along With All Of The Text & Writing That You Want To Be Included.

Step - 4
After I Recieve Your E - Mail Message, I Will Construct A Sample. I Will Then E - Mail You A Link To The Sample Page.

Step - 5
With The E - Mail That I Send You I Will Also Include The Price Estimate (Quote) According To Your Specifications.

Step - 6
If You Like The Web Page & Would Want To Go Ahead Then Send Me The Payment. After I Recieve Your Payment I Will Then Immediatelly Activate Your Web Site.

- You Will Now Be The Owner Of A Web Site On The World - Wide - Web And The Internet.

Payment Will Only Be By Check, Or Money Order For Your Protection, And My Protection.

Click Onto The Links Below To Get Started. You Must Choose a Style Of Your Choice.

- Click Here To See a layout Of What Your Web Page Will Look Like -

- Click Here To Get Started -

Also Inquire To Get Your Own e - mail Domain.