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New Additions To Our Library

New Books, Videos, Books On Tape, Magazines, And Computer Games Are Always Being Added To Our Collection. All Items Are Available For Loan, At No Charge, Or For Use In The Library. Here Are Some Of The Many Items.

Shakespeare In Love
The World Is Not Enough
Runaway Bride
The Sixth Sense
Speed 2

Juvenile Videos
A Goofy Movie
Power Puff Girls
Magic School Bus
Stuart Little

ALL 4 Of The HARRY POTTER Series By J.K. Rawling.
Over 20 Books From The Oprah Book Club Selections Including Jewel, By Bret Lott And The Book Of Ruth, By Jane Hamilton.
Mary Higgins Clarke
James Patterson

Juvenile Books
The Redwall Series, By Brian Jaques.
Pop-Up Books For The Young Mind.


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