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July 12, 2002
Happy Fourth Of July!!! I hope everyone had a great Holiday and is Having A Great Summer. Probably The Biggest announcement is that I am Just about Done Working On A White Pages with Sewaren Listings. You Will Be able to find addressess and Telephone Numbers Street By Street.
Since The Last Update, The Sight reached 6,000 Hits and Is Well on It's Way to 6,500 Hits.
Other than That, I've found some Really Great Historical Photos and Aerial Images. Check Everything Out.

March 16, 2002
Sorry for the lack of updates, I guess being a Full - Time College Student makes things a little harder to do.

However, I have been doing alot of Upgrading & Updating.
As You can see, i made gave Updates a page of their own. After awhile, it takes up alot of Space. So I decided to Consolidate. I also added 2 Other Web Pages. A September 11 Memorial at . The Other Web Page is Pictures Of The Homes on Cliff Road. The Cliff Road Web Page can be accessed through the Sewaren Pictures Page HERE.

Other than that, I Just Uploaded and added alot of the pictures as I Promised.
Alot of the existing pictures were changed a bit. You may have noticed that it took forever for some of the pictures to load and come through completely, Especialy with the History Pictures. I resized most of the pictures. Also the pictures on My Woodbridge Township Site were fixed for better Viewing.

January 23, 2002
Happy New Year Everyone!!!
To Begin With, I Had A Great Christmas. I Got A New SLR Camera Plus A Digital Camera, So You Know What That Means. Even More Pictures.

As Far As Updates Go, I Sort Of Reconfigured Some Of The Pictures Pages On The Sewaren Peninsula Page. I Added Pictures Of The Dedication Ceremony & Another Page Of Pictures That I Recentlly Took.
As I Write This, I Am Waiting For Pictures To Be Developed So I Can Scan Them On The New Computer That I Bought Yesterday & Put Them Up Here.

Look For Alot Of New Updates In The Near Future.
God Bless America!

December 15, 2001
Happy Holidays!!!
Well, It's That Time Of The Year Again. Christmas And New Years. I See Alot Of Nice Houses Decorated In Town When I Take My Walk At Night. Very Beautiful.
As You Can See, There Really Haven't Been Too Many Updates. However, I Have Been Adding New Pictures To The History Page.
I Have Added Over 75 Pictures To The Sewaren Penninsula Park Page. I Plan On Adding Many More.
Have A Nice Holiday, And Keep On Checking Back Here To See New Additions.
God Bless America!

October 27, 2001

We Just Back From The Dedication Ceremony Of The Sewaren Penninsula Park, Alvin Williams Memorial Park. I Must Say That It Really Came Out Nice(although i hope they will add docks & slips so people can fish and crab.) It Really Is Bigger Than It Looks. I Will Have An Even Farther Walk At Night Now!!! The Ceremony Itself Was Nice To Pay Tribute To An Honorable Man That Gave His Life. Alot Of People Were There, Alot Of Dignitaries Were There(eventhoughwe could all do with out the political speeces, but that's life!) I Did Bring My Camcorder And Was Able To Get Some Good Shots, Until The Battery Ran Out.
I Will Be Adding Some Pictures Soon. The Penninsula Will Hopefully Add A Nice Addition To Sewaren.

In Other News, I Am Adding A Disaster Relief Fund For The Victims Of The September 11 Attacks To The Red Cross. Please Donate Any Amount You Can, Even If It's 50 Cents. Those People Need All Of Our Help That We Can Give Them.
So Look For More Pictures On This Site Especially With The Penninsula As They Will Be Added Soon.
Remember, Fly Your Flag And Resspect Your Fellow Man. God Bless The USA.

September 14, 2001

Well, It Looks Like I Chose A Bad Week To Update You Guys.
The Terrorist Attacks This Week Less Than 25 Miles Away From Sewaren Kind Of Hit Us All Pretty Hard. I, Along With Several Other People, Including My Family Were At The Waterfront Tuesday Morning At 9:00 a.m..
I Saw The Destruction And Heard It On My Police Scanner. I Will Tell You That It Shakes You Up.
If You Have A Friend, Or Relative That Was Involved In The Incidents, I Pray For You.
We All Saw Evil, But What Came Out Of It Was Good. Where Else In The World, But New York That Something Like This Can Happen And People Rise To Occaision To Help When Help Is Needed?
As Americans, We Are A Strong People And Hold A Strong Brotherhood. It Will Take More Than What These Sick M....r F.ckin Bastards Did To Hurt Us. We Will Recover And Get Those Who Are Responsible.
I Want To Especially Thank All Of The NYPD, NYFD, And Scores Of Other Workers That Are Risking Thier Lives To Rescue People.
I Also Want To Thank Members Of The Woodbridge, Port Reading, St. Johns, Iselin, And Avenel First Aid Squads, In Addition To Other Township & Area Emergency Service Departments For Giving A Hand In New York.

Well, Onto Other News - Before Tuesday, I Revamped The Entrance Page Located At -
Please Take A Look At It.
Well Thanks Again, And Remember To Fly Your Flag!!!.

July 9, 2001

I Would Like To Proudly Announce That This Web Site Has Just Recieved The 5,000th Visitor Since It Has Been Online.
I Would Like To Thank All Of You That Have Visited This Site, I Hope That You Come Back As Often As Possible To See Any Updates That I Do.
In Other News, The Sewaren Penninsula Web Page Can Be Accessed At -
Thank You Again And Check Back Often Too. God Bless This Web Site.

June 24, 2001

- The Only Major Update I Have Done Recentlly Was Adding A Page Dedicated To The Sewaren Penninsula. The Page Will Include Pictures And An Overall Summary Of The Penninsula Project With News And Updates.
In Other News, I Just Got A Camcorder And I Have Been Taking Several Shots Around Town. I Will Be Putting Some Of The Pictures On The Web Site.
Summer Is Here, So That Means That Things Are Going To Be Busy At The Boat Launch And By The Bay.
So Have A Great & Safe Summer.

May 3, 2001

- Well, I'm Just About Done With The Overhaul Of This Page. As You Can See, I Gave It A Major Design Change. I Hope Everyone Likes It. Several New Photos Were Added, Or Moved Around.
I'm Proud To Announce That I Had The 4,500th Visitor To This Site, Sometime In April.
I Want To Let Everyone Know That I Still Update This Site Alot Without Making Announcements, So Keep On Checking Back Because Like Always, There Is Things Thjsat Are Being Updated. Thanks.,-

March 21,2001

- In Case Anyone Was Wondering, This Web Site Was Down For A Few Days. There Was A Problem With Lycos/Tripod Over The Weekend That Led To 14,000 Memberships To Be Temporary Shut Down, My Account Was One Of Them. Everything Is Fine Now And Everything Should Be Working.
Before The Web Site Went Down, I Managed To Make A Few More Changes. I Hope That All Of You Like The New Background. I Also Re-aranged Some Of The Pictures.
Within The Next Few Days, I Will Be Adding Some More Changes. So Check Back Often.

January 24, 2001

- Greetings !!! Happy New Year. To Start Off, I Am Glad To Announce That I Just Recieved The 4,000TH Visitor.
Just To Let You Know, The Entrance Page At May not Work. Homepage Has Changed It's Operations And Is Now Basically A Commercial Pay Web Site Host. You Can Probably Still Access The Page, But It May Take A Few Tries.
Therefor, I Have Built A New Web Site To Reach This Site
I Have Also Moved My Woodbridge Township Web Site And The Sewaren Free Public Library's Web Site To Tripod.
Besides That I Have Found Some Great Historical Pictures. I Scanned & Uploaded Over 100 Historical Pictures Of Woodbridge Township. Over 40 Alone Are With Sewaren. They Have Been Put Up At The History Page. Take A Look. As Always, I Am Always Adding New Things To This Web Site.

December 09, 2000

First Off, I Would Like To Wish Everyone A Very Happy Holiday And Get Ready For A Happy New Year. There Are A Lot Of Nice Decorations Up On Houses And Buildings.
It's Great To See That We Live In An Area That Shares The Spirit. Have Fun, But Keep It Safe Too. Enjoy Your Holiday.
Now For Site Updates. I Have Added A Lot More Pictures. Also, Navigation Should Be Easier. You Shouldn't See The Re - Direct Message From Tripod Anymore. But If You Do, Just Click The Address That They Want You To Load. I'm Also Glad To Say That The Library's Web Site Is Really Coming Along. Other Parts Of This Web Site Are Working Good.
Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To All!!!

October 21, 2000

I Have Created A Web Site For The Sewaren Free Public Library, You Can View It By Clicking - Here -
There Is Also A New Background And Image. To The Entrance Page. I Have Added Even More Photos To The Sections Of This Web Site.

September 15, 2000

I Have Just About Finished The Sewaren Photos Page. Almost Everyday, I Am Getting More And More Pictures Of Sewaren Everyday. I Also Did A Few More Updates On The Fishing/Boating Page.

July 26, 2000

i'm sorry once again for the lack of updates. i have been so busy with college work that i haven't had too much time.
but i did find some time in between to add a Sewaren Area Community Events/ Calender Section. You Can Read Upcoming, or going on events that are happening in the sewaren area. you can post any events that you know of.

so, enjoy the rest of your summer and keep on checking back here.
thank you/ mike.,-

June 1, 2000

sorry for the lack of update notices. i have made a homepage that directly links to this web site. it can be found here

this is to provide an easier to remember address. i now have a new sewaren map. i had the 3,000th visitor during the month of may. other web pages on this site have also been updated regulary.

April, 11, 2OOO

i uploaded more pictures. i aranged the photos page into 3 seperate pages -general sewaren pictures, arial sewaren pictures, and pictures of the shell oil tank fire (6/11-12/96).

March 1O, 2OOO

i made several changes to the enviromental, history, and photos page. such as changing colors also i added more links onto the enviromental page. 1 new link in particular that i added was an air monitoring report in real time for the perth amboy area.

i am also in the process of fixing a few things

Febuary 29, 2OOO

finally i have begun to fix up my woodbridge township site. there are 2 links to it on this web site you should take a quick look at it.

Febuary O7, 2OOO

i added a link onto the fishing & boating section to the u.s. coast guard's local notices to mariners.

January 14, 2OOO

- i uploaded, and added a few of MY OWN PICTURES to the history page.

January 1O, 2OOO

- we bought a computer today, and i got a scanner for christmas so you will most likelly be seing alot more features on this web site

January 1, 2OOO

- i changed a few pictures, i also added some more stuff to the boating and fishing page.

December 12, 1999

- i aadded a NEW back ground -i added a scrolling text line that should be on the bottom of some people"s browsers
- i also added some new pictures -

November 25 - 3O - labeled most of the photos on the home page.

- labeled sections of home page

- re - arranged cool photos page, added a picture of a ship.

- edited the history page, by removing photos, but added a link to a picture of a ticket to the old train, also i added some more history

Please Click Onto The Other Sections Of This Web Site Especially The News, And The Fishing & Boating Sections Because I Am Always Making Updates & Changes To This Web Site thank you.,-